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The Broken Series

Scarlett's Scars Cover on Book.png

Scarlett's Scars

A Christian Romance

"Scars may mark us but they can't define us."

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❝ Scars may mark us, but they can't define us. ❞


Life isn't always fair. It's a lesson Scarlett learned at the tender age of ten. When tragedy stole her parents, she lost a piece of herself. Life became aimless.


Love isn't always forever. It's a lesson Eric learned years deep into a loveless marriage. When betrayal shattered his world, he wondered if he'd ever recover. Love became unachievable.


Tragedy and betrayal leave a mark. Scars will always remain in their wake. It doesn't matter if the scar is visible or invisible; it acts as a reminder. It's a symbol of survival.


Scarlett and Eric, two broken hearts, two damaged souls on a journey of healing. Two people who are drawn together amidst pasts of broken spirits, betrayed relationships, and scarred hearts. Two people discovering Jesus and experiencing His perfect healing first-hand. Two people who are given a second chance at love. A second chance at their happily ever after.

 About the Book 

what people are saying...

Awwww😭😭. A really lovely book. Thank you so much for your work. I'm so glad it's a Christian novel. It helps us always focus on who's important- Jesus. A really touching read. One of the best Christian novels I've read so far! God richly bless you!

shikaaaa_, Wattpad Reader

what people are saying...

"Honestly, this book is at the top of my list for best Christian romance books on Wattpad. I loved every bit of this book. "Scarlett's Scars" was very inspiring for me and encouraging in many ways. I can't express how much I love this book. You know a book has to be really great to wanna read it more than once and this book is one of them.💖💖"

—Martinazttt, Wattpad Reader

Blaise's Knight Book Cover May.png

Blaise's Knight

A Christian Romance

"The hardest person to forgive is ourselves."

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 About the Book 

The hardest person to forgive is ourselves.

Freedom is rarely free. It's a lesson Alexander learned as a teenager. When his past forced him to walk away from the love of his life, he made a promise. He would always come back to her, and Alexander Knight never broke a promise.

Promises aren't unbreakable. It's a lesson Blaise learned as a teenager. When the love of her life vanished without a word, she clung to his promise. She would wait for him, but Blaise Daniels never made it a promise.

Alexander was gone for five long years, lost in a world he didn't want Blaise to discover, dealing with a past he prayed she'd never uncover. When danger lurks and closes in around Blaise, her Knight returns. But Blaise no longer burns with the same fire he remembers. She's become distant, cold. 

As danger grows closer, as her stalker grows braver, Blaise learns the hard way. Not all promises are for her good. But Alexander Knight fought through Hell to come back to her, to fulfill his promise, his unbreakable vow. And nothing of this world would stop him from protecting the girl who owned his heart. He is a fighter, and if anything in his life is worth fighting for, it's Blaise Daniels.

what people are saying...

I think what I loved the most is the way you kept everything so realistic. I mean, I loved how the characters weren't perfect, especially Xander. I love how he still had some flaws after become a Christian. I really loved that. You kept things real!!! May God bless you sis, I hope you the Lord open more doors for you so you may bring glory to His name ❤🥰🥰

— Kingdomwithlove, Wattpad Reader

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