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Secrets, Lies,
and Deadly Ties

She’s the temptation he never wanted.

He’s the distraction she’s always needed.

Charli Cross met Death… and survived.

After Charli barely escaped a house fire, the day her parents vanished, she and her aunt moved to Ruby Falls—a private island where they could find safety.

It’s been five years since that fateful night, and although her life is far from what she expected, she’s content.

Reed Jameson is the newest detective in the Ruby Falls PD. He’s faced his share of tragedies and came out stronger. But what happens when he falls for the woman being hunted?

Everything Charli thought she knew goes up in flames when Reed discovers her mother’s necklace in the middle of the woods, thousands of miles away from where Charli last saw her.

When Charli’s past returns with a vengeance, bodies drop, fear spreads, and Reed learns firsthand the danger that follows her.

Love is the complication neither of them wants. But love may be the only thing that can save them.

A neighbor. A locket. A lie. A secret. All leading up to one epic discovery.

Tragedy has a unique way of pushing people together.

But then again, so does God.

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Ebook $5.99
(or read for free in
Kindle Unlimited)

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Paperback Book

When Forever Comes

A decade of prayers reunited them.

Only a miracle can keep them together.


Olivia Swann

Taking my sister on my honeymoon was never part of the plan. But neither was finding my now ex-best friend and fiancé in bed together the day before our wedding. Instead of dwelling on my failed relationship, my sister and I embarked on the vacation of a lifetime. I was ready to enjoy the exclusive resort and all it had to offer. What I wasn’t prepared for was running into the boy—now man—of my past, who vanished after giving me the kiss of a lifetime.

Weston Lockwood

It broke me to abandon the only girl I ever loved. But when my careless actions brought tragedy to our hometown, the only option was to leave her behind. Ten years have passed and in that time, I’ve built my empire, but Olivia never strayed far from my thoughts or prayers. When I found out she was engaged to my high school nemesis, I thought a second chance would be impossible. But when she showed up at my resort on her honeymoon without her fiancé, I knew this was God giving me the second chance I’ve been praying for.

Will Olivia and West claim their happily ever after? Or will hurts from past wounds destroy their chance at forever?


Ebook $2.99
(or read for free in
Kindle Unlimited)


Paperback Book

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