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Stand Alones

Once Upon a Frost

A Novelette

"Dark pasts lead to frosty futures."

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 About the Book 

❝  Dark pasts lead to frosty futures. ❞


'Twas the night of The First Frost, 

All was silent and calm.

Until one silver-haired man came limping along.

He walked with a cane so crooked it bent straight.

But no one was prepared for what he left in his wake.

A loud bang and a crash set all things askew.

But there was a lurker, just out of view.

A dish and a dash were needed to flee.

Too bad the victim couldn't just leave things be.

'I'll find you, my sweet.

And your little friend, too.

Please come out from hiding,

You'll get what's coming to you.'


* * *

Ruby the ballerina meets Jack the mystery.

Secrets entangle and bind them. 

Fear tests and tries them.

What is coming to find them? 

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