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My mood improved, it even became lyrical. I wanted to go home and see how the light lilac suit that I bought two weeks ago would look with these shoes. I have a problem with him

With ordinary shoes, in principle, it does not look good, sandals are needed. But I don't wear it. Sandals - I do not want. But with these shoes you can try: they have an open heel, on the sides there are two such cutouts at the foot, and they themselves are shallow. In short, I want to go home!

I taxied through the back streets and realized that rushing is bad for the nerves.

All last month, on the orders of Governor Yamtsov, they whitewashed and painted the curbs on the sidewalks. This did not bother me much, and as a lover of painting, I was almost ready to approve the governor's on-duty tricks, but it's been a week since he announced a month for road repairs.



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